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Taylor Swift meets with couple who wed before her concert

Singer Taylor Swift helped to make a couple's wedding day extra special by meeting with them after their nuptials on Friday (12Jun15) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Katy Harris and Chris Eisenmann were due to tie the knot on the Shake It Off hitmaker's 25th birthday on 13 December (14), but decided to move the wedding back for Swift's concert in the city.

The couple wed in the parking lot of the Lincoln Financial Field on Friday.

In a message on Instagram.com days before the ceremony, Harris wrote, "If you know anything about me its (sic) probably how I have been obsessed with Taylor since I first heard her in 2006. Chris has been very supportive and could even put most girls to shame going word for word on any of her albums (including deluxe editions)...

"I cant (sic) think of a better or more fitting way for us to celebrate this time in our lives --- I am on cloud 9...!"

The 25 year old heard about the wedding and invited the couple backstage after her show, where model Cara Delevingne, Echosmith and actress Mariska Hargitay made surprise appearances onstage.

Another posting on the social media site reads, "Last night was a dream sequence... Instagram, meet my new husband Chris and our new friend Taylor!!!!!! I have no words to express lastnight (sic)!! My two dreams came true!!!"

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