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Stars offer support as Californians continue to battle blazes

Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have taken to social media to offer up thoughts and prayers to those affected by the devastating California wildfires.

Over 200,000 people have been evacuated from their homes this week (beg04Dec17) as four major fires blazed through huge areas of Los Angeles and Ventura counties, with the Bel Air celebrity community among those threatened by the disaster.

And as the fires took over TV coverage on Wednesday (06Dec17), the stars took to Twitter to offer words of support and comfort - and share safety alerts, official warnings and messages.

Cyrus has retweeted a California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection alert about wildlife fleeing the flames, urging homeowners near the fires to leave out water for exhausted creatures and make sure their own pets are inside overnight, while Gaga wrote: "Saying a prayer and sending loving thoughts to those suffering in California due to these horrible fires. No one deserves to lose their home, and during the holidays this is especially traumatic."

Roar singer Perry thanked the firefighters attempting to control the blazes, writing: "Really appreciate you guys and the risk you take keeping us all safe."

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande and Lionel Richie's families were among those caught up in the wildfire drama - Grande's mom was among the evacuees, while Lionel canceled a Las Vegas gig on Wednesday night so he could help family members escape the flames. Actress and singer Lea Michele and actress Kaitlin Olson were also among the evacuees.

Olson tweeted: "Safely tucked in to a hotel room with my two little boys while the @LAFD (Los Angeles Fire Department) fights to save my house and hundreds of other houses from a horrific wildfire. Thank you. I’m so grateful."

Ellen DeGeneres, Emmy Rossum, and Paramore star Hayley Williams were also among the stars hoping for the best and praying for those in the line of fire.

As of noon on Thursday (07Dec17), more than 14,000 buildings in Ventura County were still in harm's way as more than 2,500 firefighters battled the blazes. Meanwhile, many Los Angeles and Ventura County schools have been shut down due to poor air quality.

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