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Sophia Bush designs eco-friendly water bottle

Written by . Published: August 16 2011

Sophia Bush has designed an eco-friendly water bottle for charity.

The One Tree Hill star has created the reusable dispenser, which filters water before users drink it, to raise funds for The Nature Conservancy.

Bush is urging her fans to snap up the container, named The Water Bobble, as a green alternative to bottled water.

She says, "The climate is changing, and so is the availability of clean water. In many countries clean water is not available at all. Thus you can imagine why I am bummed that more people don't consider the source of their water, or even realise that it is precious.

"A lot of us satisfy our desire for 'clean' water by going out and buying bottled water by the caseload. But here's the funny thing. Bottled water is less regulated than municipal or city water. I know that tap water can often taste funny, but usually that's just minerals or leftovers from the purifying process - and bottled water is expensive! The expense aside, bottled water is also costly to the environment.

"This amazing little device is working. The Water Bobble. The makers say it better than I can. 'We set out to satisfy our desire for fresh, clean, portable water while minimising the considerable costs bottled water imposes on our environment and ourselves... We needed our bottle to be recyclable and resilient. We needed to hold costs down... in essence, we wanted it all.' And they got it."

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