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Somerhalder wants eco-supercar for vampire character

Top TV vampire Ian Somerhalder is making a bid to go green by turning his character's motor into a top-of-the-range eco-supercar.

The former Lost star, who plays bloodsucker Damon in The Vampire Diaries, is urging series bosses to trade-up his car and buy him a $100,000 (GBP62,500) Fisker Karma to drive around on camera.

The car has already become this year's celebrity must-have - Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun bought the pop superstar one for his 18th birthday and Ashton Kutcher has announced he wants one.

And Somerhalder thinks his flashy vampire character should have a new set of wheels and trade in his 1967 Camaro.

He tells Eonline.com, "The Camaro is a cool car, but you stand behind the exhaust too long and you get sick. Damon has a lot of means to get the car. It looks like a Camaro, but it's bigger and more beautiful and it's completely green. It's electric for the first 50 miles! You'll have to fill your tank, like, two times a year!

"You have this guy who's lived almost two centuries, and he realises, 'I'm stuck here for the next millennium. I've watched the degradation of our earth and our planet, watched the population grow. I have to be around for the next thousand years, I might as well take care of the place. Plus, this car is as sexy as hell."

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