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Shia LeBeouf occupies elevator for latest art stunt

Shia Labeouf is broadcasting footage of himself standing in a lift for his latest art stunt.

The actor turned performance artist has promised to stand in the elevator in Oxford, England with his collaborators Nastja Ronkko and Luke Turner for 24 hours from 9am on Friday (19Feb16).

The trio will take bathroom breaks and will leave their post to deliver a talk to the Oxford Union debating society on Friday evening. The art project, titled #ELEVATE, is viewable live on YouTube.com.

Shia's long lift vigil is just the latest outlandish escapade the screen star has undertaken since he turned from acting to art in 2014.

Last year (15), he endured a three-day movie marathon in which he watched every single one of the films he has appeared in, and also answered phone calls from members of the public from a makeshift call center in an arts center in Liverpool, England.

Speaking in the elevator, Shia revealed how he had been invited to speak at the prestigious debating event, which has hosted iconic figures as speakers over the years.

"Stuart the president said: 'Do you want to stand in the same spot as Malcolm X?'," the Transformers star said. "Who am I to argue with that?"

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