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Ryan Reynolds runs hilarious parenting tweets by wife Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds often runs his tweets by wife Blake Lively before posting them on the social media site.

The actor is known for his dry sense of humor, which he frequently displays on the micro-blogging platform. But since welcoming daughters James, two, and 10-month-old Ines with Blake, Ryan has admitted that he prefers to check with his partner before uploading some of the more contentious posts.

"Some of the ones about our daughter or parenting ones or (with) advice no one should take, I run past her, in case she objects," he told Entertainment Tonight. "Otherwise it's mostly stuff done on like, an airplane, flying somewhere."

Some of Ryan's most hilarious tweets about his daughters include, "Went to Disneyland because my daughter's obsessed with Mickey Mouse. She was so excited when I got home and told her", and "My daughter loves being buried up to her neck in sand at the beach. Her little face lights up when I come back to get her the next day".

And a year after becoming a father for the first time, the Deadpool star tweeted: "I'd walk through fire for my daughter. Well not fire because it's dangerous. But a super humid room. But not too humid, because my hair."

It appears the advice-seeking is one-sided in Ryan and Blake's marriage though, as the actor proved when asked if Blake, 29, has been requesting tips on how to cope with the high-octane movie roles she's recently signed up for.

"Why would I need to help my wife with training or fighting tips? My wife can train and kick a*s all on her lonesome," Ryan laughed. "She don't need me for any of that (sic)."

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