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Ryan Reynolds gifts fan with two tickets to Deadpool movie premiere

Actor Ryan Reynolds helped to surprise a fan by inviting her to the premiere of his new movie Deadpool.

Mariah Boyle recently underwent surgery to have her wisdom teeth removed and when she woke up from the procedure, the anaesthesia had yet to wear off and she grew upset thinking she missed the opportunity to see the superhero film in the theatres.

Boyle's mother recorded a video of the young woman crying and posted it on Reynold's Facebook.com page. The 39-year-old jokingly responded to the video by placing gauze in his cheeks, like Boyle, and taking a pic to invite the pair to the New York City premiere on Monday (08Feb16).

"Mariah Boyle, am I the only one who thinks the tooth fairy is a giant f**king stalker?" he wrote on the social media site. "I mean seriously, who leaves two tickets to the Deadpool premiere under your pillow...?"

Boyle's mother, Rita Miller Boyle, subsequently posted a pic of her daughter on the plane on her way to New York.

"Thank you for making this happen," she wrote on Sunday (07Feb16). "This is a trip (she'll) never forget."

Meanwhile, not everyone is as thrilled to see Ryan as Deadpool - his daughter James is more than a little wary of the character after spotting her dad in full make-up.

"She wept and cried," he told news show Extra. "She sees her father and what sounds like her father, but what looks like a deep fried testicle... so that’s alarming for a one-year-old."

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