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Russell Brand joins Million Mask March in London

British comedian Russell Brand was among the thousands of anti-capitalism protesters who took part in London's Million Mask March on Wednesday night (05Nov14).

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star joined the throng of masked demonstrators in Westminster for a Bonfire Night protest, which coincided with the country's annual Guy Fawkes Night, commemorating the failed Gunpowder Plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.

Brand, who has become an outspoken political commentator in recent months, attended the same event last year (13), and has now become a familiar face among those who protest against "political oppression".

This year (14), Brand once again mingled with the demonstrators, many of whom were wearing iconic Guy Fawkes masks, and was photographed rallying people in Parliament Square.

The 2014 Million Mask March was marked with a heavy police presence at key sites along the route, which began at Trafalgar Square. Protesters kicked and pushed over security railings, painted graffiti on police riot vans, and set off fireworks, while officers were forced to draw their batons in an attempt to keep the peace.

The march in London is part of an international demonstration.

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