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Rosario Dawson: 'I want to act in 1,000 films'

Sin City star Rosario Dawson has an acting goal to appear in 1,000 movies.

The actress began her career in Kids almost 20 years ago and she has appeared in 50 films to date, and now she's hoping to hit a streak of roles in her next 20 years, so she can get half way towards her goal.

She tells WENN, "It will be the 20th anniversary of Kids next year, but we filmed it this summer 20 years ago. I've done 50 films. I'm trying to get those Sam Jackson (Samuel L. Jackson) numbers!

"If I can have 1,000 movies under my belt, and none of them porn films, that would be great! It's really cool all the different types of stories and characters I've gotten to play and to challenge myself. This was really a full-on experience where I can say, 'Twenty years in this and I'm still pushing my limits. I embrace every stage.

"I'm really enjoying my 30s. It's exciting to think that I can be acting well into my 80s, if I still live that long and I'm still lucid. I might need the letters in block and bigger so I can memorise it, but I have a job that I don't have to retire from."

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