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Rosamund Pike eyeing Oscars overhaul

Rosamund Pike wants Oscars bosses to overhaul the prizegiving, branding award ceremonies the "low point" of the year.

The British actress blundered while presenting a BAFTA Award earlier this year (11) when she almost read out the winner before the nominees were listed.

But she's adamant she wasn't embarrassed by the slip-up, insisting the formal format of movie award ceremonies needs to be shaken up.

Rosamund Pike tells Britain's InStyle magazine, "I find award ceremonies so often the low point. These are all the things I probably shouldn't say - but I find them the low point of the cinematic calendar, because you're celebrating all these fantastic performances and you have people delivering trite lines in a sort of terribly pretentious manner on stage and sometimes you think, there has got to be a new format for these things...

"I can't watch the Oscars, everybody thanking their mother, their father, their grandparents, their nurse - it's crazy, horrible."

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