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Robert Pattinson hunted out Cosmopolis reviews after Cannes

Actor Robert Pattinson was so eager to see how critics at the Cannes Film Festival rated his new movie Cosmopolis, he logged online to search for reviews after the screening.

Director David Cronenberg's latest offering premiered at the French movie event last month (May12), and the Twilight star, who plays billionaire money manager Eric Packer, couldn't wait to hear the verdict.

He tells Britain's The Guardian newspaper, "It's funny. It got such divisive reactions in Cannes. I was sitting in the car on the way back from the press conference, refreshing, refreshing, refreshing (the internet) on my phone.

"I've never really done anything where people have hated it, or really, really read into it. It's so different to other films, and that's one of the reasons I wanted to do it."

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