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Ricky Martin is ready for a female President

Ricky Martin has given presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton a big boost as she comes closer to a battle royale with the singer's new foe, Donald Trump - he's offered her his support.

Martin wrote a furious open letter to Trump in August (15), blasting remarks the tycoon-turned-politician made about the Latino community, and now he has announced his endorsement for Clinton and her campaign Latinos for Hillary.

The Puerto Rican singer writes, "A few months ago I raised my voice against Trump’s hateful rhetoric and standing with me was Hillary Clinton.

"Time after time, Hillary has shown her commitment to the Latino community and that is why I’m proud to support her and to stand with her because ella esta con nosotros y nuestras familias (she is with us and our families)."

Martin also took to his social media pages and invited fans to join him, calling Clinton "a Latina at heart".

Trump upset many Latinos back in June (15) when he called Mexican immigrants "rapists" and suggested many of them brought drugs and crime into the country.

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