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Rebel Wilson's special smooch with an extra

Rebel Wilson made the life of one of the extras on How To Be Single when she picked him after "parading around" potential kissing partners for a scene in the film.

The Australian actress stars in the comedy movie about a group of unattached friends as Robin, a "functioning alcoholic" who enjoys a big night out. One scene sees Rebel party with around 300 extras in a club, and director Christian Ditter asked the star to choose a handful to lock lips with. For one guy in particular, it was an extra special moment.

"But then the choice was which one?" Rebel recalled to talk show host Seth Meyers. "So an assistant director comes out and he's like, 'OK, if anyone doesn't want to kiss Rebel Wilson, go to that side of the room.' Only a few went... It was really embarrassing because then they made me parade around the 'available' men and I had to choose a handful to kiss in various scenes.

"So one of the guys I picked was this African American guy... And I got to kiss him in the scene and then at the end of the day he came up to me, just before I was going into my trailer, and he said, 'Rebel, I want you to know that you choosing me out of all those guys made my life.' At least he didn't go home and go, 'Oh my God, guess what I had to do today?'"

Rebel also took a walk down memory lane during her appearance on Seth's show when he pulled out her first ever headshot to show the audience. In it, the actress is seen wearing a baggy red T-shirt with white text on it while holding a ball in one hand and a mitt on the other. Her expression is unfazed, while her hair is tied back in a ponytail with stray wispy bits at the front.

"I was 18 or 19 here, holding a softball mitt, and, just in case you didn't know I was sporty, a softball," she said of the funny picture. "Don't know what's happening with my feral hair. I'm also wearing the world's thinnest gold chain. Maybe I could be classy, but, just so you know my gangster ghetto routes, you've got the graffiti in the background."

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