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Pink's daughter upset over Matt Damon crush reveal

Pop star Pink is in trouble with her daughter after going public with the four-year-old's crush on Matt Damon.

The So What singer revealed little Willow's love for sci-fi movie The Martian and leading man Matt during a recent radio interview in Australia.

Discussing the Oscar-nominated film on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show last week (ends29Apr16), Pink said, "It's good. She loves it. I love it. I thought it was great, but I don't love it the way she loves it. She asked me if Matt Damon can come to (her birthday party). I think she has a crush."

The 36-year-old's candid comments have since made their way back to Willow, who turns five in June (16), and she wasn't happy with mum's gossipy nature.

"She's already upset with me because there's a new game we play called Ask Siri - which, she just found out last week there's a Siri (computerised personal assistant on iPhones) - and I said, 'Siri, Willow-Matt Damon' and all this stuff came up.

"(Willow)'s like, 'How do they know?' She got mad at me!" Pink laughed. "I was like, 'Oh my God, I need to keep my mouth shut. Sorry!'"

Despite the telling off from her daughter, Pink reveals to Entertainment Tonight her child's love for Matt is only continuing to grow.

"She wakes up and rolls over and goes, 'Matt Damon,'" Pink smiled. "I'm like, 'I know...' I'm thinking I'll get her a Matt Damon poster (for her birthday). I've never talked about Matt Damon this much in my life! She made me Google Matt Damon dolls. That was disturbing. Do that sometime, they (the dolls) are very disturbing!"

However, Matt isn't the only man who has caught young Willow's eye - she's also developed a crush on Johnny Depp's stunt double, who features in Pink's new video for Just Like Fire, a track from Disney's forthcoming Alice Through the Looking Glass movie. Johnny portrays The Mad Hatter in the new fantasy film.

"He's a very charming man," Pink explained. "She loved him. She also wakes up, if it's not, 'Matt Damon,' it's 'Mad Hatter.'"

The singer is planning to take Willow to the movie's premiere, but she has to earn her ticket.

"She has to feed the dog, she has to make her bed," Pink said. "She has to be nice to me, let me sing in the car, because she won't let me sing in the car."

Indeed, Willow, whose father is motocross racer Carey Hart, has made it clear she doesn't appreciate mum's singing. Pink claims she has called her voice "distracting" and once declared, "I love you, mum, but you're very disappointing."

"She's a fireball," the pop star commented, admitting Willow is already proving to have inherited her mother's vocal talents.

"She's pitch-perfect and she's loud, which is always good...," she stated. "If you can't hit the note, just be loud. I just let her be free and wild. I just love watching the world through her eyes. She's completely unjaded, unstained. She's just amazing."

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