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Phillip Phillips' family shop burgled

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips' family's pawn shop in Georgia has been burgled.

The 21-year-old singer, who won the talent contest last month (May12), has been dealt some bad news after $4,000-worth of merchandise, including guns, flatscreen TVs, jewellery and antique coins, was stolen from Albany Sporting Goods and Pawn.

The cash register, which contained $110 at the time, was also taken in the heist, which occured sometime between Monday night (11Jun12) and Tuesday morning (12Jun12).

No arrests have been made as yet, reports website TMZ.com.

Phillips and his parents were not in Georgia at the time of the break-in - the star's family has been supporting his recovery after he underwent a kidney stone operation in Los Angeles on Sunday (10Jun12).

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