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Oscars bosses promise to honor Girl Scouts donation

Officials behind the Oscars have promised to make good on their $65,000 donation to the Girl Scouts organization.

Host Chris Rock invited members of his daughters' Girl Scouts Troop 5215 from Inglewood, California to sell their cookies to the celebrities in the audience at the Academy Awards last month (Feb16), and they managed to shift 400 boxes of treats to hungry stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tina Fey, Charlize Theron and John Legend.

Chris later announced the sales push had raised $65,000 for the organization, although it was subsequently revealed that the 'total' was simply part of the stunt. However, bosses at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS) pledged to make the big donation to the Girl Scouts to thank them for their efforts.

Almost two weeks on and AMPAS officials have apparently failed to hand over the check, prompting concerned mom Latoya Edwards, whose daughter is in Troop 5215, to speak out about the missing funds to TMZ.com.

She alleged representatives at the National Girl Scout Council had informed them the Academy would be donating the $65,000 via the Greater Los Angeles Council, but that hasn't happened, and she also claimed the organization has now stopped returning calls.

But an AMPAS spokesperson has moved to clear up the confusion, insisting the donation will be made.

"Of course we have every intention of honoring our commitment to the Girl Scouts," the rep told Variety. "They were such a highlight, and we were happy to have them."

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