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Nicole Kidman's kids are split on parents' careers

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's daughters are mixed on their parents' career paths - Sunday has dreams of becoming an actress, while her little sister Faith hopes to join her country star dad onstage.

The actress admits that, at six, her eldest has no interest in what dad does for a living, but little Faith loves standing in the wings at concerts with her guitar in hand.

Kidman tells chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, "My oldest daughter... is like, 'Oh, I so don't wanna go and watch daddy play'. I'm like, 'Sunday, at least act a little bit enthusiastic'.

"But the little one will stand there with her guitar side stage, and she's three. I always say to her, 'You stick at that guitar and you can be out there on the stage with your dad'."

Kidman reveals her husband is helping their youngest daughter perfect her music skills, teaching her chords on the guitar - but his role as a judge on American Idol has made him a tough mentor.

She adds, "He's like, 'Hmmm, her pitch...' I'm like, 'She's three!' Musicians' ears, they hear things!"

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