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Nick Cannon's son running up credit card bill on Amazon

Nick Cannon's six-year-old son with ex-wife Mariah Carey has been racking up a huge bill on his dad's credit card after ordering over 100 fidget spinners online.

The Drumline star reveals young Moroccan loves to browse online marketplace Amazon, but his penchant for pressing buttons on his electronic devices has resulted in multiple unwanted packages, including random kitchen utensils, being shipped to Nick's home and offices.

"My son is just obsessed with Amazon now," Nick shared on talk show The View. "He's ordering everything! It doesn't even matter (what it is), he's just like, clicking the button... All this Amazon stuff is coming to the house!"

One of Moroccan's most bizarre recent purchases was a bulk order for the popular fidget spinners - small, handheld toys which are used to keep people, particularly youngsters, entertained.

Nick continued, "He ordered 103 fidget spinners the other day and charged like $6,000 on the (credit) card! And he didn't even send it to the house, he sent it to the accountant's office! I'm like, 'What we gon' do with all this (sic)?'"

The former America's Got Talent host admits both Moroccan and his twin sister Monroe are "a handful", but becoming a dad has been his biggest blessing.

Nick, who also welcomed a son called Golden with his ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell in February (17), is currently single, and although he would like to settle down again in the future, he insists nothing will come between his kids and his responsibilities as a father.

"My children are my number one and first priority (sic)," he said, "and really, the world of dating, that's so scary for me because I'm still working on myself and rebuilding, and I'm a father first and foremost, and anything that gets in the way of that, I can't (tolerate)."

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