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Model Andersen lands top job at New York gallery

Danish supermodel May Andersen has taken a job at a contemporary art gallery in Manhattan, New York.

The 29 year old stunner has swapped her party-loving wild ways for art studies after becoming an assistant director of the unnamed Big Apple space.

The Playboy cover girl, who bares all for the May 2012 issue of the magazine, tells the publication, "I'm 29 now, which is old in model years, and around the time I started thinking about what I wanted to do next, this opportunity came up.

"After several years in the city, I'd gotten to know a lot of people in the art scene and felt it was something I should pursue. I started out as an intern here, and one year later I'm assistant director.

"I'm really serious about it and so grateful and honored to be able to work with all these great artists. Not everyone gets to do that."

And she admits she loves the "nerdiness" of her new job: "I love to go home with my textbook and sit there and drink tea. That's what I do now for fun."

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