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Missing Ohio teen found weeks after Nicolas Cage got involved with search

An Ohio teen whose stepfather recruited Nicolas Cage to help publicize a national search for her has been rescued from a month-long sex assault ordeal.

The National Treasure star joined the hunt for the missing 15 year old after Britt Ramsey stormed onto the set of the actor's new film Dog Eat Dog in Cleveland on 18 November (15) and asked Cage to help him promote the search for his stepdaughter, Alexis Boroviak.

Cage took time to listen to the desperate dad and then agreed to pose alongside Alexis' missing poster to help boost Ramsey's campaign to find her.

Alexis went missing on 8 November (15) when she left her home in Brooklyn to tie up her dog, Riley.

Police traced her to a Missouri home, where she was allegedly held captive and sexually assaulted by 41-year-old Christopher D. Schroeder after connecting with him in a chat room online.

Reports suggest the teenager was found in "good condition" on Tuesday (01Dec15) at Schroeder's home outside St. Louis, Missouri.

A source close to the family tells People.com, "They're happy they found their daughter and she's coming home."

"The suspect drove to Brooklyn, Ohio, on November 8, 2015 and picked her up near her residence," the Warren County, Missouri, Sheriff's Department said. "Upon getting her in his vehicle he took her cell phone away from her, removed the battery and destroyed the SIM card."

The authorities claim Schroeder took Alexis to his home 600 miles (965 kilometers) away and repeatedly had sex with her.

"The victim stated she wanted to go home, but the suspect wouldn't allow it and that she was afraid to leave because he had numerous guns in his home," a spokesman for the sheriff's department said.

Schroeder faces federal charges of production of child pornography and the transportation of a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. He is also charged with statuary rape in Missouri. He is being held without bond.

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