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Mischa Barton sued over car lease

Mischa Barton is reportedly facing a $25,000 lawsuit from bosses at car maker Volkswagen (VW), who claim she has stopped making payments on a lease.

Editors at TMZ.com report The OC actress leased one of the company's cars and stopped making payments, prompting VW executives to file a lawsuit in an effort to collect the money owed and the vehicle.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ.com, the car bosses explain they are unsure of how much Barton owes in unpaid charges, so they are suing her for damages in excess of $25,000 .

This isn't the first time the troubled actress has been hit with money problems - she sued her mother and manager Nuala back in April (15), claiming she had taken a big chunk of Barton's earnings, and even forced her out of her own house.

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