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Miranda Lambert cuts short Blake Shelton's fan meet and greets

Miranda Lambert fears she is fast becoming known as "the bad guy" among her husband Blake Shelton's adoring fans because she's always cutting short impromptu autograph sessions when the couple is out on a date.

The country couple has to find time to see one another between busy work schedules and the blonde beauty admits Shelton, who also serves as a judge on talent show The Voice, can be a little too easy-going with devotees on occasion, so it's up to her to tell the Honey Bee hitmaker when it's time to say no to his fans.

Lambert tells Redbook magazine, "He's the sweetest guy. Like, he will talk to anyone, sign anything, take a picture with everyone. And if I don't stop it at some point, it ruins our whole night.

"I have to be the bad guy. The people are like 'Oh, God, don't mess with her...'"

However, Lambert insists their ongoing long-distance romance does make the heart grow fonder.

She says, "When I go to the The Voice set and everyone says, 'Blake's been talking about you so much,' it just makes me feel special."

The couple wed in 2011.

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