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Miranda Cosgrove passes driving test

Actress/singer Miranda Cosgrove has finally passed her driving test, despite quitting lessons after a run-in with a manic instructor.

The iCarly star started learning last year (11) so she could get behind the wheel of her new Porsche Cayenne SUV.

However, her lessons stalled when her first driving instructor turned out to be more interested in his sideline career as a DJ.

She Tweeted after the lesson, "I'm never going back. It was terrible. Two hours in he (instructor) was telling me about how he was a DJ and he was really dope... He used the word 'dope' a lot.

"He lost track of time and we got about 45 minutes away from where he was supposed to be dropping me off and he flipped out. It was a 180 (degree change)... He grabbed the wheel... and he screamed 'No hesitation' at the top of his voice...! He screamed it like a lunatic."

But Cosgrove got back on the road and passed her test on Monday (23Jan12), writing, "I'm officially a licensed driver. Life is good. Watch out LA."

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