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Miley Cyrus visits Amsterdam's red light district

Miley Cyrus insisted on a stop in Amsterdam last Sunday (07Sep13) so she could pay a visit to the city's famous cannabis cafes and red light district.

The We Can't Stop hitmaker has been on a promotional tour of Europe and spent her hard-earned day off in the Dutch capital, where prostitution is legal and cannabis use is tolerated by authorities.

Cyrus has now opened up about her trip, amid reports she spent seven hours in a cannabis coffee shop, joking, "Did I look a little different going in than I did coming out? I didn't go in there for the wi-fi."

The wild child singer also reveals she took a tour of the sex workers' shops in the red light district while wearing a kinky black latex outfit of her own.

Appearing on U.K. talk show Alan Carr: Chatty Man, she says, "I stopped off in Amsterdam for pleasure. I'd never been there before and I saw more things in one night than I'd ever seen. I saw these women in the windows so I went to window shop. I was looking at what they were wearing and not wearing. And I was wearing the same as them. They tried to ask me, 'How much?'"

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