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Miley Cyrus to duet with Madonna at MTV show

Pop superstar Miley Cyrus will be joined by Madonna for a special duet at her upcoming MTV Unplugged show.

The Wrecking Ball hitmaker will team up with the Queen of Pop during the one-off acoustic performance, and they were spotted rehearsing their big moment at a Los Angeles sound stage on Monday (27Jan14), according to E!News Online.

The show, titled Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged, will be recorded on Tuesday (28Jan14), and the controversial singer is expected to perform stripped down versions of her big hits.

A spokesman for MTV says, "The performance will showcase a more intimate side of Cyrus and feature surprise guests for an unexpected re-invention of the songs that have defined her career."

Cyrus' unplugged concert is due to be broadcast on Wednesday (29Jan14).

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