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Mila Kunis challenges paparazzi in car park

Pregnant Mila Kunis called out a small army of cops following a pilates class in Sherman Oaks, California on Tuesday (26Aug14) after spotting a paparazzi snapping shots of her from his car.

The actress accused the snapper of breaking a stalking law as she leaned into the window of his car and challenged him about his chosen profession.

She asked, "Why are you stalking me?" adding, "It's illegal what you're doing; you can't stalk a woman and her child. There's a 30-foot law and you're passing it... There's a federal law you're breaking."

In video obtained by WENN, the defiant paparazzi fires back at the star, insisting there's no such law. He then alerts Kunis to the fact that other photographers have gathered at the scene and are taking pictures.

She responds, "That motherf**ker has been stalking me for years. I don't give a s**t about him."

The actress then asks the snapper to get out of his car as she calls the police to report him, stating, "I have a person stalking me... and he won't get out of the car."

The snapper continues videoing the whole exchange, despite threats he will get arrested when the cops arrive.

There were no arrests or citations, but 10 police officers did arrive on the scene to check out the drama.

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