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Mia Wasikowska planning to buy first home in Australia

Mia Wasikowska is determined to seek out new projects that will allow her to spend more time in her native Australia after deciding to purchase her first home there.

The Alice in Wonderland star, 23, has been renting accommodation in the States since breaking into Hollywood at the age of 17, but after filming new drama Tracks in the desert Down Under, Wasikowska is keen to set down more permanent roots back home.

She tells Reuters, "I've been back and forth from America and Australia and I've always lived at my parents' house when I've come back. (But) I'm going to live here and it's time to get my own place and really kind of commit (to staying in Australia)."

Tracks, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival in Italy on Thursday (29Aug13), stars Wasikowska as Aussie author Robyn Davidson, who penned a memoir documenting her nine-month camel trek through the outback in 1977.

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