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Meghan Trainor ditched late nights and lack of sleep

Singer Meghan Trainor is no longer staying up all night and neglecting her sleep.

The 22-year-old hasn't been in the spotlight for that long, having released her debut single All About That Bass in 2014 followed by her first album Title in January 2015.

But with her second record Thank You due out later this month (May16), Meghan is now a fully fledged music star and has taken the time to reflect on the last couple of years and how she has left her previous bad habits behind.

"Now I've definitely got a better hang of things," she explained to Us Weekly. "I'm not getting sick every week. I was stupid and I would stay up all night. I would not take sleep seriously. I would eat bad. I wouldn't work out. Now I'm working out all the time and trying to eat cleaner. I'm not trying to lose weight - because it's not really happening - but just trying to be healthy."

She appears to have gone through a small transformation though and while she doesn't feel she's shed any pounds, Meghan is rocking a more slimline figure these days and has swapped her blonde locks for brunette.

Her new album boasts a new sound too with a club-style feel, different from tracks like Dear Future Husband and Lips Are Movin' on her debut.

"I noticed that my crowd has a big age difference," she said of the genre swap for Thank You. "I had toddlers to 70-year-olds at my shows. But I really wanted to capture the kids who are my age too. So I wrote Me Too and a song called Better that I knew could play in clubs.

"I recently went to the clubs and they played different mixes of Sorry (by Justin Bieber), like, three times. That's my favourite jam but, you know, after four times in an evening, you're like, 'Let's get more songs in there, DJ!'"

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