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Max George almost drowned in hot tub party

The Wanted star Max George almost drowned after falling into a drunken slumber while partying in a hot tub.

The British singer passed out in a Jacuzzi following a boozy night out in Los Angeles, and slipped under the water while being filmed for the group's reality TV show The Wanted Life.

One of the cameramen quickly jumped into action and pulled the star from the pool with a little help from bandmate Nathan Sykes - and George now credits the pair with saving his life.

He tells Britain's Daily Star, "I went under water in the middle of the night in the hot tub and didn't know. I owe a massive thank you to our night cameraman - he actually saved my life.

"Nathan did a bit as well. He just wasn't strong enough to pick me up. But he did help drag my naked, wrinkled body out. It wasn't that we weren't aware we were being filmed, we were so intoxicated we didn't care."

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