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Matthew McConaughey desperate for Lincoln Lawyer follow-up

Matthew Mcconaughey is desperate for a sequel to be written for his hit 2011 film The Lincoln Lawyer after becoming frustrated over the delay.

The legal thriller, which also starred Ryan Phillippe, was a surprise box office hit for McConaughey, and he can't wait to play the charismatic and unorthodox lawyer again.

However, he's becoming impatient as he waits for the script to be finalised.

He tells Total Film magazine, "I'm like, 'Hurry up, everybody!' It is getting written right now but it should be on more of a fast track. Let's get this on, man."

The Lincoln Lawyer was also a hit with critics, and the hunky Hollywood star admits he was shocked by the positive response.

He adds, "That movie got well reviewed. There's a lot of times that critics have written the review before they've seen the frickin' movie. They've written the review on me before they've seen it - maybe the critic doesn't like me."

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