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Mark Ronson springs studio surprise on musicians

Mark Ronson has teamed up with six unknown musicians to record a new version of his smash hit Uptown Funk.

The superproducer invited the specially-selected half-dozen to London's famous Abbey Road studios to lay down their versions of the song after seeing their performances on YouTube.com.

The musicians assumed they would simply be given the chance to record their cover version of Uptown Funk and they were amazed when they turned up at the studios to find Ronson waiting for them.

The six - singer Anna Shields and guitarist Blair Crichton, ukulele player John Atkins, sisters Laura and Sarah Ayoub, and guitarist Ross Campbell - were then informed they would be recording a new version of the track together, with Ronson at the controls.

Ronson commented, "It was brilliant to bring together six unique talents and produce a new cover of my track. It's an honour that such talented people are interested in my music, and I loved working with the group - they shared such a good energy, and we created something special. It's the first time I've ever produced a cover of one of my own songs, and I really enjoyed it."

The stunt was staged as part of the MasterCard Priceless Surprises campaign to mark the upcoming BRIT Awards next month (Feb16).

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