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Madonna's troubled teen escapes drug bust without a criminal record

Madonna and Guy Ritchie's teenage son has dodged a criminal record after police officers found cannabis in his backpack during a body search in September (16).

Cops were reportedly tipped off about the 16-year-old's drug habit by his dad's concerned neighbors in London's posh Primrose Hill, and they swooped in to search Rocco as he sat on a wall with a pal.

The officers allegedly found traces of cannabis on his clothes and arrested him for marijuana possession.

The incident wasn't widely reported at the time, and reports suggest officials at Camden Borough’s Youth Offending Team have been working on trying to rehabilitate Rocco and show him the error of his ways.

He will not get a criminal record for the 28 September (16) offense, according to The Sun, but a record will be kept.

This time last year Rocco and his parents were in the news as mom and dad fought for custody of their troubled son, after the teen refused to return to New York after a winter break with his dad.

Madonna launched legal action in the U.S. and U.K. demanding the return of her son, then 15.

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