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Madison Beer: 'I'd never, ever, ever date Justin Bieber!'

Madison Beer "almost died" when asked whether she would ever date mentor Justin Bieber in a recent interview.

The 18-year-old singer became a worldwide sensation when Sorry singer Justin tweeted a video of her singing when she was just 13. He later signed Madison to Island Records, and the star has gone on to enjoy a successful career. But despite the 23-year-old singer being responsible for her fame, their relationship will always stay strictly professional if Madison has anything to do with it.

During an interview on radio program the Zach Sang Show, host Zach asked Madison if she would ever consider a romantic relationship with Justin, to which she replied: "Oh my god, no never. I just almost died (thinking about that). No, not ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. Like I'm signed with Justin, there's not much more famous than him, like if I was going (to date someone for publicity) it would've happened if that was the case. First of all, he's like (a) big brother (so) never, but I would never in a million years use anyone and people think that goes on a lot in Hollywood."

Madison also doesn't have anything to worry about with her romantic status, as she is currently dating Jack & Jack singer Jack Gilinsky.

But when it comes to dating someone who is also in the public eye, Madison prefers to keep her romance as private as possible - which isn't easy in a world with social media.

"I don't want anything to go wrong and then have to be like deleting everything and making a big deal and unfollowing each other. I would rather just keep my relationship my relationship," she explained.

"And everyone knows we're still together, we still go out together, we hang out, we're all good. I don't need to publicize my relationship to get likes on Instagram, it's not necessary. I don't have to prove anything. Do what you want to do and don't feel pressure to do what other people want."

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