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Lucy Hale launches Twitter tirade at pizza pranksters

Actress and singer Lucy Hale is furious with pranksters who sent her pizza.

The 26-year-old Pretty Little Liars star took to her Twitter page on Tuesday night (31May16), ranting about those responsible for the deliveries of the unwanted takeout food. Rather than accepting the pizza from her fans, Lucy insisted that they are almost harassing her by sending over the food.

"The people ordering pizzas to my house which is my private property, I know who u are. STOP. It's borderline harassment. & creepy as f**k," she wrote.

Lucy was particularly annoyed by the jokers' choice of pizza restaurant as she added, "At least order from a decent pizza place."

The unwanted order comes after the star's Twitter account was hacked in January (16), with the person responsible then using Lucy's profile to send bizarre messages to pop superstar Taylor Swift.

"So bad but he does it so well," one message read, while another added, "Boys only want love if it's torture."

After the alleged hack, a representative for the star confirmed that she was not responsible for the strange messages sent to Taylor, and that Lucy's Instagram account was also affected.

Days after she disavowed the eccentric posts, the actress used social media to deny reports she had split from boyfriend Anthony Kalabretta.

Lucy and Anthony began dating last June (15) and were first pictured together at a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game. They reportedly met through mutual friends.

January's Twitter issue and the unwanted pizza order are just the latest issue the star has had with identity theft, as back in 2012 her Instagram account was hacked for the first time.

That year Lucy also had to deal with the online embarrassment of her ex-boyfriend Chris Zylka ranting on Twitter about their split.

Chris subsequently apologised after posting tweets which accused Lucy of thinking she was "too good" for him.

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