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Liza Minnelli is a fan of Lady Gaga

Liza Minnelli has confessed she is a huge fan of Lady Gaga and has hailed the pop star as a "true artist".

The Cabaret star is known for her own eccentric fashion choices, and she is full of admiration of Gaga's ability to constantly change her image.

In a post on her official Facebook.com page, Minnelli writes, "Whenever I see Lady Gaga in a new outfit I wonder how she finds the time! Her closet must be huge! I've been listening to her new CD and absolutely loving it. She's a true artist and we'll be hearing from her for a long long time."

Gaga did not let the compliment go unnoticed, responding on Twitter.com: "LIZA MINNELLI loves ARTPOP. My life is finally complete! I thought of you the whole way through SNL (Saturday Night Live) Liza i love you!"

Gaga made her hosting debut on comedy show Saturday Night Live earlier this month (16Nov13), where she stretched her acting muscles and performed tracks from her new album, ARTPOP.

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