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Lisa Marie Presley patches up relationship with mom



Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie has patched up her troubled relationship with her mother Priscilla following years of tension, insisting the two are now best friends.

Lisa Marie Presley has endured a tumultuous relationship with her Dallas actress mom ever since her days as a reckless teen, but the singer admits she grew frustrated by their constant arguments and now mother and daughter act more like close siblings.

During a joint interview with breakfast show Today, which aired on Friday (17Aug12), Lisa Marie said, "She is actually my best friend...

"My mom and I have a really great, almost sisterly, fun relationship now. She understands me, I understand her... I'm less angry... and more interested in being compassionate and understanding... than fighting constantly."

And the King's ex-wife, who admits she was not the best mother, is happy they finally share a strong bond.

Priscilla Presley added, "I think we all grow, I was a young mother in a world that really children don't belong (in). I had to learn a lot, without really any role model. I had to take those steps and evolve... I love my relationship now."

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