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Lindsay Lohan stages Sharon Tate tribute to mark Charles Manson's birthday

Lindsay Lohan marked jailed killer Charles Manson's 81st birthday on Thursday (12Nov15) by dressing up as his murderous sect's most famous victim, Sharon Tate.

Pregnant actress Tate was killed by Manson and members of his cult, The Manson Family, in 1969, aged 26, and Lohan decided to bring one of her acting heroines back from the dead for an odd tribute.

Posting a photo of herself dressed like Tate online, the 29-year-old Mean Girls star wrote, "I LOVE SHARON TATE #CANCERmeetsAQUARIUS #themelook #hippieWINTERCHIC."

Manson is currently serving nine concurrent life sentences in prison.

Lohan's tribute didn't go down well with all her followers - one took to social media and replied, "This is so disrespectful on so many levels."

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