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Lindsay Lohan's dental problems may have caused tardiness at premiere

Lindsay Lohan's late arrival at the Scary Movie 5 premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday night (11Apr13) may have been caused by an ongoing dental problem.

The actress reportedly showed up for the screening 30 minutes after the red carpet closed but just before the comedy began, and she briefly met up with co-star Charlie Sheen for TV interviews and photos.

Earlier this week (beg08Apr13), Sheen revealed a toothache led to Lohan arriving two hours late for a guest spot on his TV comedy Anger Management, and it appears dental issues may have been to blame for her tardiness at the premiere.

Lohan took to Twitter.com in the early hours of Friday (12Apr13) and posted: "I love you @dinalohan & sorry for the delay @DrBillDorfman but thank you for your amazing help today."

Dorfman is considered one of Hollywood's top dentists and has a number of celebrity clients.

Just before Lohan's late arrival, Sheen told TV news show Extra, "She texted me. She had a dress problem so she'll be here soon."

Reports also suggest Lohan had to substitute a Dolce and Gabana outfit for the gown she had planned to wear.

She said, "My dress was actually left in New York."

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