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Lindsay Lohan packing for rehab

Lindsay Lohan has shared her final hours of freedom with fans by publishing a picture showing her packing for her rehab stay.

The Mean Girls star is due to enrol at a treatment facility on Thursday (02May13) to begin a court-ordered 90-day stay after pleading no contest to charges stemming from a car accident in California last summer (12).

Lohan has now proved she is making final preparations for her trip by posting online a photograph showing her sitting among messy piles of clothes and suitcases on the floor of her home.

The actress captions the Instagram snap, "90 days and 270 looks".

Lohan's final days of freedom have been typically turbulent - she had to retrieve her car from an impound lot in New York City over the weekend (27-28Apr13) after officials towed the illegally-parked Porsche from a street in Brooklyn.

She will reportedly spend her 90-day rehab stay at the Seafield Center in New York's Hamptons.

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