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Lindsay Lohan launches Price of Fame game

Lindsay Lohan has launched a new mobile game that offers fans the chance to experience her life in the spotlight.

Lindsay Lohan's The Price of Fame is "a parody on celebrity culture and paparazzi" and enables players to become world famous celebrities by creating a virtual self that can "purchase outfits, accessories, toys and even pets".

Lohan, who developed the game with experts at Space Inch - the boffins behind popular game apps Make it Rain and Say the Same Thing, says, "I love this game and am happy to be part of it. It's so much fun!

"I'm thrilled to have worked with Space Inch on this. Programmer Andy Ross, the guitarist of OK Go, did a great job. He understood what I wanted and the game captures a great part of culture and our current media society. This app is humorous, smart, and engaging."

The Price of Fame is available now via Google Play and Amazon.

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