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Liam Payne warns fans to leave his girlfriend alone

One Direction star Liam Payne has urged fans to stop contacting his girlfriend after she received a barrage of nasty online messages.

The pop star is dating dancer Danielle Peazer and he was upset to hear she had been targeted by overzealous One Direction fans who have sent her horrible comments via Twitter.com.

Payne has now come to her defence and warned fans to leave her alone.

In a series of posts on the microblogging site, he writes, "Sometimes I hate Twitter when it becomes a place to abuse people who uve (you have) never met, never did anything to you but you still choose to be cruel... And to all those people who are going to... tweet her horrible stuff now just because I mentioned it... Boring grow up... They don't need to tweet her... Got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all."

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