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Liam Payne's fire victim pal leaves hospital

Liam Payne's best friend is now recovering at home after receiving treatment for injuries sustained in a frightening fire at the One Direction star's London apartment.

Andy Samuels was relaxing with friends at Payne's property earlier this month (Sep13) when a patio heater exploded on the balcony as he tried to refill it with gas.

The blaze left Samuels with serious burns to his chest, legs, and arms, and he admits he is lucky to be alive after being released from hospital.

In a post on his Twitter page, he writes, "My face is almost fully healed, my neck should heal. My chest, left arm and leg are still heavily damaged but every day is a step forward.

"I can walk, just about get dressed, so I am leaving the hospital. I'm going to get better at home. Can't wait to get home relax and heal. Still a long way to go."

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