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Liam Payne denies faking smile for fans

One Direction star Liam Payne has denied faking smiles for fans as he posed for pictures with them at the Australian Radio Industry Association (ARIA) awards on Wednesday (26Nov14).

A video posted on social media shows the British pop star taking a number of 'selfie' photographs with fans while walking the red carpet in Sydney, Australia.

Between each photo, he clearly drops his smile and seems to be grimacing at the prospect of posing for even more snaps, and many One Direction fans have subsequently noted how unhappy he seems.

Payne has now defended himself on Twitter.com, writing, "Lots of people saying I was 'faking' smiles with fans yesterday... I usually find when ur (you're) taking a photo u don't smile until somebody's about to take the photo (sic)... Sorry to disappoint but I don't walk around like this (smiling) all day... That would hurt!"

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