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Lewis Hamilton built home studio to spend more time with Nicole Scherzinger

Racing driver Lewis Hamilton built a recording studio in his home in a bid to spend more time with his pop star girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger.

The couple has been dating on and off for the last few years, and much of their relationship was long distance as the Pussycat Dolls star lived in Los Angeles and the British Formula One champion was based in Switzerland and Monaco.

Hamilton has now revealed he was so desperate to spend more time with Scherzinger, he built a home studio so she would not need to fly back to L.A. to work on her music.

He tells BBC Radio 1, "I do have a studio in my house... I built the studio for Nicole so she didn't have to leave the house to go back to L.A. to record."

However, Hamilton is now working on a music career of his own and admits he uses the studio more than his girlfriend does, adding, "I built it and she can never get in it because I'm always in it."

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