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Lena Dunham shares endometriosis scars

Actress Lena Dunham is embracing her scars from endometriosis surgery by posing for online shots in her bikini.

The Girls creator and star, who is known for disrobing on the hit TV drama, took to Instagram on Wednesday (14Sep16) to show off her battle scars as she got ready for a pool party with her friends and co-stars, including actress Allison Williams.

Sharing a video clip of her pals, she said, "Mother bleeping pool party at the Hilton Garden Inn. Say hi guys! The pool party rages on."

Lena then posted a selfie, in which she modelled a Target store-brand black and pink bikini top and leopard print bottoms, clearly displaying the surgery marks on her stomach.

"When the Target swimsuit does a (girl) right, Endo (sic) scars & all," she captioned the shot.

The actress opened up about her battle with the chronic gynaecological condition in her Lenny Letter email newsletter late last year (15), when she revealed she would often work through the pain instead of halt production on Girls.

"The feeling of stopping a crew of 100 people from doing their jobs is far more stressful than missing Intro to Greek Drama class at a liberal-arts college, but I felt the same sense of hot shame," she explained. "The kind of shame you feel as someone with an anxiety disorder that plays tricks on them. The kind of shame you feel as a woman showing weakness."

She underwent surgery to treat the condition in November (15), and admitted the operation had worked wonders: "I was better than I had been in ten years."

However, her illness flared up again in February (16), prompting her to sit out the Girls press tour, and she was hospitalised in March (16) due a ruptured ovarian cyst, which required her to go under the knife again.

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