Lena Dunham cleaning out closet for charity

Lena Dunham is selling her wardrobe pieces to help benefit Planned Parenthood.

The Girls star has listed her memorable fashion pieces, including the gowns she wore when she won the Directors Guild of America award and to the Met Gala, on consignment website the RealReal. Dunham will donate 70 per cent of the proceeds to the organization, which she has vehemently supported for several years.

She tells the New York Times, "I always thought I was going to hoard all my clothes for my future daughter, and now I understand, especially being a woman with a reproductive illness, I may end up with an adopted son, I may end up with a daughter who doesn't identify with her gender at birth.

"You can't live for the future that does not yet exist. I have to take all this good fashion fortune I've had and spread it."

The actress, who suffers from endometriosis, insists the timing of the sale is essential because of the political climate following the election of President Donald Trump last year (Nov16).

"If you had told me six years ago that we would be in the place we are now, I would have said that you were crazy...," she continues. "It's a very, very challenging moment to be a woman in America. Planned Parenthood's never been more essential. The work that I've done with them has really become front and center to my life, really as important to me as my art in a lot of ways."

Lena's fashion pieces range in sizes four to 12 and will come with personalized letters from the actress. They are priced between $35 and $4,000 , making her donation total $17,300.