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LeAnn Rimes: 'I just wanted to scream about media lies'

Leann Rimes learned to hide her emotions as she and new husband Eddie Cibrian began their courtship because she wanted to protect his children from a bitter media feud.

The country singer and Cibrian were both married to other people when they met and fell in love on a TV film set in 2009 and their initial fling made headline news.

The couple was then dogged by media reports after separating from and eventually divorcing their spouses and Rimes admits much of the media spotlight was tough to take.

Now happily married to Cibrian, Blue singer Rimes hopes the media's fascination with the couple is over.

She says, "It's definitely been hard to see tons of lies written about a situation that people don't necessarily know the truth (about), and there's kids involved, so you have to really take the high road a lot of the times when you want to stand on a mountain and scream, like, 'Why are you saying this?'

"Obviously we made decisions that were not necessarily the right ones but it obviously brought us to the place where we are now. And, we're happy and we're married... And we've always put his kids first. We took the kids into consideration with everything that we do. Sometimes you just want to scream. But you don't. We've learned to let it go and laugh at it at the end of the day."

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