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Lea Michele hopes Barbra Streisand snubs Glee

Lea Michele hopes Barbra Streisand never signs up for a Glee cameo because she would hate to be disappointed by her lifelong hero.

The actress, who plays Rachel Berry on the hit TV musical, grew up worshipping the Funny Girl star and credits Streisand with inspiring her Broadway ambitions.

But despite idolising the Grammy winner, Michele insists Streisand should maintain her 'idol' status by staying far away from the Glee set.

She tells Digital Spy, "No, I don't (want her to appear on the show). Idols should be kept as idols. Not that I think she would ever disappoint me - I'm sure if she came she would blow me away and be everything that I've ever imagined.

"But I think that keeping idols as idols is important. And I don't think that everybody needs to be on Glee!"

The 25 year old is also convinced she would be useless if Streisand shot a guest role because she would be too starstruck to work.

She adds, "You'd have to write the storyline that Rachel has gone mute for a week which we all know is not possible! You'd just have to wheel me in and wheel me out! So that would just be weird and I don't think that that would work."

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