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Laura Jane Grace urges Taylor Swift to visit sick teen

Transgender rocker Laura Jane Grace has called on Taylor Swift to take time to visit a teenage cancer sufferer after spotting the girl's wish list item online.

Emary Langhorn, 17, posted a video online asking Swift to get in touch, and the Against Me singer is championing her campaign.

Grace tweeted at Swift on Monday (21Sep15), and wrote, "I know you're busy Taylor, but I'd trade any favor I could.”

She then shared Langhorn's video, which had been uploaded by the University of Kansas Hospital.

In the footage, the cancer sufferer said she'd really like to meet Swift, stating, "I’ve had a really long battle, and you’ve always been a way for me and my friends to smile and look on the positive side. I’d really like to get the chance to say thank you, and to get to smile and laugh and talk with you.”

Langhorn was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in February, 2013 and a subsequent MRI scan showed a softball-sized tumor in her chest.

She was told she was cancer-free the following September, but relapsed within 90 days.

She recently missed out on the chance to see her heroine on tour because she was in hospital after undergoing a bone marrow transplant.

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