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Lana Del Rey album replaced in pressing mix-up

Dozens of copies of Lana Del Rey's album Born To Die have been replaced with a record by little-known rock group Wildhoney after a pressing plant mix-up.

Fans ordering the 2012 disc were shocked to discover it had been wrongly labeled and they have received the Baltimore band's debut album Sleep Through It instead.

Now bosses of the unnamed pressing plant are frantically recalling all the records following the blunder, according to Billboard.com.

Gordon Dufresne, founder of Deranged Records, which released the Wildhoney album, tells the Philadelphia City Paper, "All copies of this particular pressing of the LDR record were pressed this way. A good portion will be recalled and likely recycled but lots of copies are now circulating.

"This happened due to a mix up with the stampers at the plant - small mistake with huge implications. To be fair to the plant in question, this sort of mistake has occurred with other projects at other plants but it's typically caught before it has a chance to get into the ends of customers/fans."

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